A New Year, Full of New Experiences

November 28, 2021

I’m looking forward to experiencing a new form of connection as I continue my journey as Hailey.

Please take the time to fully read through my new site, and reach out with any questions you may have about these new changes.
I’m thankful for all the wonderful people I’ve had the opportunity to meet during my time here in Ottawa. Moving forward I will only be back on a fly-me-to-you basis, but if this changes it will be announced on my website, and on twitter first. I’m looking forward to being able to connect with my friends in Toronto full time, and meet new faces I haven’t had the chance to meet yet.

My full moving announcement will be coming soon, and when I will be officially opening my calendar in Toronto.

Moving Forward…

Moving forward I will be available as a companion. My time as a masseuse will be being slowly phased out over the next few months as I transition into full time companionship, currently I am still taking a very limited amount of sensual massage clients you can view my ‘etiquette & FAQ‘ for details.

Lets Celebrate Together

I can’t wait to begin experiencing all the things Toronto has to offer. Check out some of my future posts for the dates and other things that have been on my mind lately during this transition.

xox Hailey

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