November Updates

October 21, 2022

I’m currently in the process of editing all my photos from my last photoshoot and finally editing my site to reflect my current hairstyle. This will be made live hopefully within the next few days, but before November at the latest.

Updates Surrounding Requests Involving my Dogs…

I’ve updated my etiquette and FAQ page to reflect it but moving forward if you prefer to have one (or all) of my dogs present at a booking to say hello, I am requiring a donation be made towards a Toronto or Ottawa dog rescue be made. Bringing them to my incall is lovely, but requires me to then drive and rent a car so please take this into consideration regarding wine or champagne we may consume.

The donation amount is of your choosing but I do request a receipt be shown to me to ensure the request is honoured. If we know each other personally, please reach out for the rescue I adopted my three angels from and I would be happy to share for their donation link. If you would like a list of some I recommend in no order here it is:



Ottawa Once Again

Currently planning a trip around December (to be confirmed). Please reach out if you’d like to discuss spending time together,

xox Hailey

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