Time To Begin Our Love Affair

Now that I’ve caught your eye, let’s explore the details that can make our time together into something truly special, with memories to last a lifetime.  I believe in celebrating every moment, and love to express that in the way I dress. Day-to-day you’ll most likely find me in something timeless, as I adore dressing up and believe being over dressed is always a safe bet. Even though I do not take requests for my outerwear, worry not as I am always dressed appropriately for any situation we may find ourselves entangled in.  While I pride myself on my ability to adapt to almost all situations, I have a soft spot for the thoughtfulness that goes into a date planned in advance. Because of this, I ask you try and plan a minimum of 48 hours prior so I have enough time to prepare and ensure our calendars have the best chances to align. If you’re unfamiliar with Toronto, or simply looking to try somewhere new you can browse some of my dream date ideas that are guaranteed to impress me under the date packages tab below.

Companionship Rates

Date Packages

Companionship Rates

A lady should never have to ask, so I request that you please leave my consideration in an unsealed envelope or a book in plain sight at the beginning of our date, if we are meeting in public please keep discretion in mind when handling this matter or we can discuss e-payments in advance. Any monetary contribution is for my time, and my time only. 

Before our time begins, let’s talk about a few housekeeping matters; I request that all dates four or more hours include time in a social setting, such as a meal or theatre performance–view my date packages for suggestions if you’re looking for some of my favourites. If public outings are not possible for you please email me and we can make arrangements or activities inside the restraints of my incall, subject to my consideration. 

For overnights and longer I appreciate a full 7 hours of sleep or personal time during the evening, and consideration if I need to briefly handle personal matters during our time together.