Etiquette & Policies

I do require screening for all new suitors, no exceptions. I offer many ways for you to screen and it is up to your discretion to pick which you are most comfortable with.

  • Personal Identification: This could be a Drivers License, Passport, etc. It needs to be unaltered and show; full legal name, date of birth and photo. This is my preferred method of screening. 

  • Work Verification: This would include a screenshot of your LinkedIn signed in on your profile, a link to a company website as well as an email from your personal work email. I can provide a discrete email for this purpose on request.

  • In addition to the above, I will on occasion take provider references. I may still request the screening above at my discretion, and these references must be as follows: two references from independent providers you’ve met within the past 6 months. Please check in with your reference before you give me anyones contact information. I kindly ask for your references preferred method of contact to reach out through, as well as their website and/or social media handle(s).

I request you only book dates once you are positive of your schedule but I do understand that life is unpredictable and things come up.

Please note, all bookings require deposits. Deposits are non-refundable, and non-transferable to other dates as they ensure our time together is held on the agreed upon day and time. If I need to cancel on my end, all deposits will be refunded within 24-48 hours maximum. My cancellation policy still is in effect for the rest of the date fees for these instances.

If something comes up and you have to cancel or postpone a date I do require 50% of our date be sent as a cancellation fee and without this I will not be accepting future dates together, and this will also result in blacklisting in my contact book. A cancellation within 24 hours of our date is 100% of the fee, as well as is a date that is no-showed. For these instances for another date to be accepted, pre-payment may be required afterwards.​

Methods for re-payment in the case I need to cancel will be PayPal or Bitcoin, e-transfer is not available. 

When entering my incall, the most important thing is discretion. Please respect my discretion, including that surrounding my space just as I respect yours. Its location is not to be talked about with anyone, including other providers for safety reasons.

When entering, please do not speak to the concierge and always let me know before you buzz so there is no loitering in the lobby or around the building. If you’re bringing things like wine or a gift in, be discrete surrounding that as well.

On occasion my dogs may be present at my incall, this is generally only if we are well acquainted or for extending bookings; they are friendly with people, and well trained. With increased requests for one or more of my dogs to be present, if this is something you would specifically like I request a monetary donation (amount of your choosing) is made to a Toronto or Ottawa dog rescue. Feel free to message me for suggestions or donate to the one you feel most connected too.  

I have a Do Not Review policy and I would ask that you do not share reviews or details of our time together on public, or hidden-member review boards. I believe time spent with someone is an individual experience and varies date to date, and because of this I do not like the concept of review boards or to have details of our time together shared in that context.

Any reviews posted without my consent result in all future bookings being declined and being added to my personal blacklist. Please respect my discretion just as I respect yours.

Frequently Asked Questions

While I appreciate spontaneity and can on occasion accommodate a last minute booking it is not likely, especially if we do not have an established relationship.

The anticipation of a booking planned in advance is an exciting thing, and leaves us both time to day dream about our meeting. Ample notice is preferred but please don’t hesitate to reach out on the rare chance I can match your schedule with a minimum of 24 to 48 hour notice.

Although gifts and tips are never expected, they are always well loved. Depending on your gifting style, I have included some of my favourite things: ​​

  • For my wishlist, click here.

  • For edible delights, I don’t have a taste for the sweet and much prefer savoury. Think cheese and charcuterie with an extra side of pickled vegetables.

  • If you’d like to spoil my dogs, they would be forever grateful. I’ve included their favourite things on my wishlist above.

​If we’re unable to meet in person and you would like to send a gift, please reach out so I can also express my gratitude.

If you would like me to bring another provider to our meeting please let me know and I can provide some exceptional ladies I am comfortable with, or you view a list of some of my favourites here.

Please note, I am comfortable with those not on my duos page, but before duos are booked I prefer knowing who is joining us so we can all ensure comfort levels and that the experience will go smoothly.

While I love that you’ve thought of me, outside of duo bookings I do not accommodate women or multi-client dates.

​I currently am not touring, if I do announce one it will be posted on my blog and sent out via my newsletter. Rates for tours and “fly me to you” experiences are subject to change from my listed rates to cover expenses and can be discussed in private.

Please note, I am unable to travel to the United States with their current laws as it brings too much risk and I am unwilling to lose my personal access to a true NYC broadway experience.

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