Your Imagination Is The Limit

Is there a greater pleasure than being cooked a delicious meal, while role playing as the sous-chef? You take the lead and control the pace in the kitchen. Bring your own ingredients or send me a shopping list and budget and I can take care of the details.

Pasta Perfection

As an enthusiastic home cook myself, fresh pasta is something I’m very familiar with. Let’s create until our hearts are content, with enough notice I can ensure our dough is ready prior to your arrival. Allow me to take care of the planning details, this date requires the “concierge service” add-on. 

Sushi at Home

As an Omakase enthusiast myself, I’ve always dreamed of being able to dabble in sushi making at home. Let’s explore this intrigue together. Allow me to take care of the planning details to ensure the freshest ingredients, this date requires the “concierge service” add-on, or for more extravagance give me a budget.

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