"Her passions are made of nothing but the finest part of pure love."

Let's begin...

I’ve been told I have a beauty that can only be described as delicate, and enchanting but powerful. The sight of me starts with deep brown hair that frames my face, brown eyes that look as if they have just a touch of honey with features that wash over me like breath of femininity. I stand at 5 foot 7, with a slim frame that is best when draped in silk or on the rare occasion I have the chance; tulle but with a little luck on your part, nothing more than your breath on my skin. Imagery is wonderful, but I promise you true pleasure is best experienced in person.

There is extra space in my heart for those who have experienced a range of things in this life and have a touch of the wisdom that comes with it. As I am someone who appreciate a mental connection just as much as a physical one, I love meeting likeminded individuals. Imagine– the two of us discussing our passions and future dreams over share plates paired with a glass of a complex red, getting lost in ever-flowing conversation as if we’re long-lost lovers catching up after time apart. All this to say, on more than one occasion I’ve been told I have a true talent for making anyone comfortable and relaxed in my presence no matter how (in)experienced they may be in this world.

Let's talk details...

Growing up in an environment which allowed me to be classically trained in the performing arts since a young age has shaped who I am significantly; I hold myself to a certain standard and rarely deviate from it, so you can be positive no matter the venue I will be a most gracious guest alongside you. This has also made me feel most at home and thrive in those environments; attending plays, broadway, operas, ballet or TIFF when it’s in town are always a resounding yes in my books and can on occasion make my calendar a little more flexible with the promise of an evening spent with a cast brochure in hand.

Being a foodie, I am always on the hunt for my next new favourite place and with that I am open to trying just about anything (sans cilantro and pineapple), but if you wish to know where my heart lies it is with tapas, fresh cacio e pepe, omakase sushi, fine dining experiences or just about any meal paired with a sommelier- bonus points for one with a funky palate to test my limits. 

To make planning a date easier, I’ve included a list of dates that have been on my mind lately and I’ve been known to continuously update this depending on season, or my mood. 

get to know me

  • age


  • height

    5'7 or 171cm

  • shoe size

    37.5 (it)

  • star sign


  • fav. flowers

    tulips or peonies

  • fav. snack

    cheese + charcuterie

  • fav. food

    spanish, italian or japanese

  • fav. dates

    live theatre, live sports & dinners

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