May Updates

May 15, 2023

“Parting is such sweet sorrow” but I couldn’t stand staying away so I’m back and better than ever!

I am so excited to be back and living life again as Hailey! While the time I have free to spend in this portion of my life may have become more limited, I am still working my hardest to be as available as I can be. Pre-bookings as always are preferred, but with this new civvie work-Hailey split I am more receptive to shorter notice bookings, especially if we are already acquainted.

Possible Tour This Summer…

I’ve been entertaining the idea of possibly going on tour this summer. I’m currently unsure of where and when (likely July and/or August), but I am open to input. I am also currently debating between Vancouver and Ottawa but I would be open to other suggestions if there was interest, Canada only as I do not enter the US. Twitter poll linked following:

Date Ideas for the Spring

xox Hailey

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